About Us

CISE Ultra Premium Drinking Water

Water is essential for sustaining life and maintaining a healthy body-water equilibrium. However, many countries across the world, including Pakistan, are facing scarcity of pure and healthy drinking water. Rapid urbanization, increasing population and industrialization have led to both water contamination and scarcity of water resources. People living in large metropolitan areas as well as small towns and rural areas face numerous health hazards because of lack of access to safe drinking water.

There is increasing awareness about the need of using clean, safe and healthy drinking water. Many people representing all strata of society have started using bottled water with the assumption that it is pure, healthy and enriched with mineral content if the company claims so. However, there is little or no guarantee that such bottled water actually provides the purity or mineral content that it claims.

Delivering the Quality Promise

CISE has been launched with the sole purpose of providing the best quality, purified and healthy drinking water to all those who entrust us with their health and well-being. Drawn from some of the best water resources, the water is subjected to an intense, multi-efficient purification process that removes harmful substances that interfere with the water’s taste or drinking quality. CISE remains true to its promise, which is to provide premium drinking water to communities for healthy living and hydration.

CISÉ aims to assure healthy life and great vitality. The best Italian machinery is being used in the extraction and production process under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced consultants from Japan.

When you choose CISÉ, you can rest easy because this is the best choice for you and your family.

Our Vision

To become a respected and trusted market leader of premium mineral water and create a future where everyone has access to safe, clean and healthy drinking water

Our Mission

To provide the best drinking water to communities while ensuring quality of services, ethical business practices and modern technology

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